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BusinePlan Worksheet

Write up each section concisely but comprehensively. Try to cover all the issues in each section within one or, at most, two typed pages. Use paragraphs and indents to highlight key items. Work on the assumption that whoever reads the outline plan will be completely unfamiliar with the busineor project and will be seeking answers to relatively basic questions and key issues.


Preliminary Tasks 准备工作事项

1. Complete market research and analyses2. Clarify key matters relating to products/services3. Form the basis of the management team

4. Prepare a strategic plan as framework for detailed plan5. Decide the central purpose of the plan and its target audience6. Locate professional advisers to assist with the planning7. Acquire any software tools needed to help prepare the plan8. Research and compile a list of possible recipients of the plan9. Ascertain any specific needs of likely key recipients

市场调研与资料收集 了解产品/服务关键问题了解项目管理团队状况准备拟订项目战略框架确定计划目的与目标读者 拟订行业撰写专家 确定策划工具软件的参数研究"目标读者"的情况 其他潜在目标读者的情况

Writing the Plan撰写写作过程

1. Create a framework for the plan e.g. table of contents2. Identify possible appendices, attachments etc.3. Estimate page lengths for each key section

4. List main issues and topics to be covered within key sections5. Assign work programs based on the framework and lists6. Draft all key sections in a logical sequence

7. Check the preliminary draft for completeneand plug gaps8. Stand back and take a detached overview of the draft9. Let an outsider or adviser critique the latest draft 10.Redraft, fine tune and spell check

确定计划的结构与内容确定可提供的附件内容拟订关键章节内容与篇幅 关键章节内容的纲要与要点 安排数据资料整理与撰写工作编写全部章节内容 图表与插件准备章节内容的专家审定 其他专家审定与修改意见 草拟稿修订

11.Write the executive summary and plan's conclusion

12.Get an independent assessment of the final draft 编写执行总结部分 各章节内容独立审稿

Reviewing the Plan检查与改进

1. Is the plan nicely presented - bound, page numbered etc.?

2. Has the plan been spell checked in its final form?

3. Is the plan's length appropriate to its purpose ?

4. Have the business's ( funding ) needs been clearly stated ?

5. Does the plan's summary stimulate interest ?

6. Have all key questions been anticipated ?

7. What likely objections remain unresolved ?

8. Will the plan provoke the desired responses ?排版与目录检查文字拼写与句子检查 篇幅检查 融资方案与资金要求检查 执行总结部分的吸引力检查 项目关键问题表述检查 项目关键目标与执行检查 文章可读性检查




Ideal Structure and Page Lengths

The structure below could be readily expanded to become a ' full-blown' busineplan by expanding the level of detail given. Ideal page lengths for a straightforward but comprehensive plan are given in parenthesis. Note the importance of marketing and sales in terms of the suggested number of pages. Relegate detail to accompanying appendices. Bear in mind that most investors, bankers etc. dislike having to read overlong busineplans just as much as entrepreneurs and managers dislike writing the plans in the first instance!


1. Introduction( 1 )引言或简介 [撰写人员与部门,撰写目的,联系信息 ]

Introduce the plan. Explain who wrote it, when and for what purpose. Give contact details.

2. Summary (1-3 )项目执行总结

Write last.

3. Mission, Strategies etc. (1-2)项目关键目标、成功关键与战略目标等

What are the central purposes and activities of the planned business? What are its SWOTs? What are its major objectives, key strategies and prime goals ?

4. Present Status of Project (1-3)项目进展状况[成绩/准备与运转情况/关键技术产品等]

Summarize achievements and performance (financial, sales, technical etc.) to date. Introduce the stakeholders in the business.

5. Product/Service Description ( 1-2 )项目产品/服务[ 重点描述其核心或特异性部分 ]

Keep descriptions short and confine them to broad groups. Explain briefly what makes them special.

6. Profile of Target Market(s) ( 2-5 )目标市场分析[ 容量/细分市场/趋势/竞争/购买因素 ]Size, segments, trends, competition and user/customer profiles.

7. Marketing Strategies & Sales Plans ( 2-5) 市场战略与执行[销售战略/渠道/对手/计划]

How will the businemarket its products/services and sell to customers? What sales will be achieved in its main markets? How will it deal with competitors ? Indicate costs.

8. R&D and Technology ( 0-2 )[ 研究与发展 ]

If relevant, explain progress, plans, resources and highlight any technological advances.

9. Manufacturing/Operational Plans ( 2-3 ) 制造与经营计划

Cover distribution & service activities and/or manufacturing. Highlight major elements only. Indicate organization, resources, costings etc.

10. Management ( 1-2 )管理[ 团队/结构/人员计划等 ]

Introduce the proposed management team, structure etc. Indicate overhead costs.

11. Financial Position & Projections ( 3-8 )财务与赢利计划

Use simple tables to present key financial projections e.g. summary P&L, cash flows, balance sheets and key ratios. Place the detailed analyses in appendices.

12. Funding Requirements & Proposals ( 2-3 )资金需求/融资要求/投资合作方法

If applicable, summarize funding requirements, possible sources, likely terms, and, for investors, the projected return on their investment. Be realistic!!!

13. Implementation (1-3) 执行计划[ 项目计划内容/时间/预算/负责部门或负责人 ]

Explain the major decision points, time scale and actions required by management and others to progrethe plan.

14. Conclusion (1) 结论

Indicate why the businewill succeed and why it should be supported.

商业计划书撰写过程中的注意事项等2017-07-07 09:27:17 | #2楼回目录


A.要简明扼要。以2-3页的执行大纲(Executive Summary)为绪言,主体内容以7-12页为


B. 要明确声明公司的目标与公司的业务类型。




E. 要陈述公司需要多少资金﹖用多久﹖怎么用﹖

F. 要有一个清晰和符合逻辑的让投资者撤资(退出机制)的策略。 G. 要分析项目的经营风险与规避方法。


I. 要使用上好的打印纸及一个吸引人而得体的封面包装项目商业计划书。 J.要预备额外的拷贝件以作快述阅读之用,还要准备好项目的基础财政数据。 K.忌用非专业或过于专业性的用词来描述产品或生产营运过程,尽可能使用比较专业而又


L. 忌用含糊不清或无确实根据的陈述或结算表,比如在没有细则陈述的情况下就说"要增


M. 忌隐瞒事实之真相。





1. 招商项目所在国、地、项目单位名称、地址、电话、传真、电子邮件信箱。2. 项目扼要介绍,注明哪类项目?是否对当地经济发展和人民生活带来重大影响经哪


3. 该项目招商需要合资、合作、还是需要单纯的融资?是否允许外商独资经营?4. 项目总投资多少美元?自备资金多少美元(包括固定资产和不动产)?占总投资比例




5. 项目负责人的学历、资历、经历、职称、业绩;管理组织机构;技术力量。6. 哪级专业机构完成的项目工程可行性报告书?是否已全部翻译成英文?简要介绍


7. 市场可行性报告书是自制还是请专业机构完成?是哪类专业机构帮助完成?有否


8. 如果属于扩建项目,要制成英文的项目单位近三年年终财务报表。

9. 是否已做风险分析报告,该项目未来最有可能会遇到什么样的风险?扼要介绍已制




撰写商业计划书的一般程序2017-07-07 09:27:10 | #3楼回目录


撰写 一份比较好的商业计划包括附录在内一般在20-40页长为合适,过于冗长的商业计划反而会让人失去耐心。整个商业计划的写作是一个循序渐进的过程,大致分五个阶段完成。